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The thriving city of Norwich is located on the River Wensum, is considered to be the capital of East Anglia and has a population of around 145000.

To mention a few,  Norwich has two cathedrals, two modern thriving shopping malls, has some of the most attractive historic streets, with one of the largest open air markets and is considered one of the top shopping destinations in the country. The city has a wealth of historic buildings and has a diverse range of beautiful properties to make a lovely home of.

A wealth of transport links are easily accessible;  with regular bus and train services into and from Norwich to local neighboring  towns and as a city it naturally provides train/rail services across the UK with the fast growing Norwich airport giving access to the world beyond.

Olivers Property Agents benefits from the Waveney Valley area, having always been the home of our directors, with hands on knowledge of Norwich, we know the rental housing market in this city very well.

To find out more information about property lettings, management and maintenance services that Olivers can offer in Norwich, please contact us for further information.

If you currently live or own a property in Norwich and want to see how the value of your home has changed compared to this time last year, please find table below;

Home values in Norwich